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Texting and Driving

Why the hell do we even have to talk about this? You would think that with all of the traffic accidents involving texting and driving, or talking on the phone while driving that people would not do it anymore. However, now there is a new twist- playing games on a mobile phone while driving. How stupid as a people can we get?

If you are playing Pokemon Go while driving, you should be put in jail. Usually I would say let the Darwin awards take place, but the problem is when people do any of these things- they not only endanger themselves, but everyone else on the road.

If you are one of the people that either: texts and drives, plays mobile games and drives, or talks on the phone and drives- you are a very selfish person. Not only do you not value your own safety, but you don’t value anyone else’s life either. There are so many more words I want to use, but I am trying to be nice. My mother may actually read this post. One of my kids may stumble upon this article and try to cure their own insomnia by reading it. Out of respect for them, I will limit my vocabulary to the words I use in polite company.

In case you were raised by wolves. No wait, that makes wolves look bad. I like wolves. In case you were raised in a barn, here are 4 steps that may prevent accidents. Remember- the life you save could be mine, or my kids, or even people that you care about.

4 Bonehead tips to prevent careless accidents while driving:

  • Let your passenger handle phone calls

Really??? I have to suggest something as basic as this? How dumb are people? Wait… don’t answer that question.

  • Use the voicemail feature on your phone.

This really is too easy. You have a voicemail for a reason- use it. If you don’t have a voicemail or it’s not activated- get one and activate it.

  • Let someone else drive while you make or receive calls

Can this get any easier? If the person with you is not a good driver, and you don’t trust them driving, even with no cell phone- with all have that one person. Then, your call is not that important. It can wait.

  • Pull over and stop your vehicle - ensuring that you are in a safe place before using your cell phone.

Again, is there anyone that has not seen these 4 tips before? You can always find a place to pull off and use your phone.

Come on guys. How easy can these steps be? Everyone knows them. Yet, texting and driving accidents are on the rise. What’s the deal?

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